About Us  
Pride of India Private Limited, (POI) under the able leadership and guidance of Mr. V. P. Sharma, Managing Director, has been engaged in International Business for over 30 years. POI was initially established as an Export Firm of Indian Handicrafts and Home Furnishing Products, but over the years the management was able to identify key growth areas in the Infrastructure Sector and various other possibilities of providing equipments for infrastructure augmentation in the entire South East Asian Sub Continent. The main vertical of POI activities, today, is Exclusive Representation of various foreign & Indian manufacturing companies in the Indian Sub Continent.

The company now has renowned industry professionals on its panel with a centrally located corporate office in New Delhi, operating in close cooperation with liaison offices in Europe and Bangladesh for business development. POI also has a 15000 square feet covered works facility in Sahibabad, Uttar Pradesh on the outskirts of Delhi. POI has an extensive network of representatives in various Indian cities, in Bangladesh, Belarus, Central and Eastern Europe as well as Principals in Europe, US and in CIS countries.

Ever since its formation POI has demonstrated its professionalism and result oriented approach to its Principals in the UK, Europe & USA to help them successfully supply their equipments in the Indian Sub Continent market. POI today represents several companies of international repute including some State Owned Conglomerates from Europe. Over the years POI has developed excellent contacts with leading companies in the Heavy Engineering, Water, Sewage, Oil, Gas, Petrochemical, Fertilizer, Power sectors as well as with various Government organizations.

Today, POI is an established name in industry and is better placed than ever to serve all companies in marketing their products, technologies and to provide a wide spectrum of business services to help our Principals grow in the region in their specific industries/ sectors. We at POI, have the expertise to identify and advise potential investors and Equipment Manufacturing companies, on the emerging sectors and growth areas in the Indian Sub Continent region and provide excellent service for their operations.
Email: marketing@prideofindia.in